Guy Toko
Edith Nguekam
Rodrigue Tchinda
Raoul Dongmo

Recent years have shown increasing interest of people in getting specialized services from professionals in diverse areas of expertise. But this doesn’t happen without problems.

  • Have you ever had issues looking for a professional to fix something in your home?
  • Do you find it difficult to find competent and reliable services providers to accomplish a job for you?
  • Have you ever been deceived by someone you have trusted a job with?
  • Do you have a competence and you find it hard to get customers?
  • Are you still using paper posters to advertise your skills?
  • Have you been confronted to very poor service quality?

If you found yourself in one of these situations once in your life, this is the right place for you. The idea of creating the QatiQa platform originates from the issues named above.
We then thought of doing the things which would make the difference for everyone in the same situation: Putting service demanders and service providers in the same place together.
On this platform service providers get more visibility and have the opportunity to grow their businesses
(more customers and more revenue). It is a springboard for Young professionals who will use this opportunity to prove what they can do.

Apart from finding clients, service providers have the opportunity to use this “address book” to forge links and cooperate with experts in their field of expertise but also in complementary activity sectors and thus build their network.

Our review and rating system is the voice of the customers which permits them to rate the service providers honestly and fair based on a true collaboration and by the way allowing other customers to choose the right service provider based on objective criteria.

QatiQa therefore allows a natural selection of the best providers in their respective fields and avoids the public the pitfalls and hazards encountered on a daily basis in the search for experts.

Do not hesitate to contact us in case you need to know more about us.